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Other resources

Ghost Towns of Arizona by James and Barbara Sherman U. of Oklahoma Press

Arizona's best Ghost Towns by Philip Varney Northland Press

Arizona Ghost Towns and Mining Camps by Philip Varney Arizona Highways

Columbia Arizona by Neal Dushane


Welcome to 4Wheeling Arizona. I hope to share with you places to go and things to see using your 4wheel drive vehicle. Most of the places I will tell you about have to do with mining and ghost towns. I will give you directions, mile markers and GPS coordinates including what map datum to use on your GPS. A brief description of where you are going and what you can expect to find ther. I will also include a few photos.

The 4wheeling I describe here can be accomplished by almost any 4wheel drive vehicle. It is destination oriented and does not involve any extreme 4wheeling. If that is what you are looking for then click here. Some tricky parts that will test you. But if you know what you and your vehicle are capable of and you use common sense then you will not have any problems.
I drive a 98 Jeep Wrangler. The only modifications I have made to it, is to add a winch and quick discounts to the sway bar. I have 30 inch tires on my jeep which effects my milage. Your mileage may vary depending on tire size and inflation pressure. Therefore I do not guarantee the mileage to exactly match what you will get.


You should only attempt these trips with a vehicle that is mechanically sound and with good tires. Tell someone where you are going and when you expect to return. Take more than one vehicle to help each other if necessary.

You should carry with you

  • A spare tire filled with air.
  • Enough water for you, your passengers and the vehicle.
  • Spare hoses and belts.
  • the proper tools (standard or metric) to fix things.
  • Jumper cables.
  • Since most 4wheeling is done in the cooler months, warm clothes in case you are stranded overnight.
  • A Radio or cell phone to call for help.
  • A well stocked first-aid kit.

Be careful when you arrive at your destination. Do not enter any mine tunnels and keep on the lookout for any unfenced mine shafts. They are out there and very easy to fall into if you are not paying attention. Be wary of entering any buildings as they may not be safe to enter. And be sure there is no one living in the area who does not want you there. An example: The first time I came across Andersen Mill there was no one living there. The second time I visited it there was someone had ocuppied the place A year later it was abandonded again and the houses were bulldozed.


I beleive the most important ethic you should observe is to stay on the road. Do not drive off the road into the desert. If we want to keep the roads open then it is necessary to observe this simple rule. If the land managers see the desert being destroyed by people driving off the road then they will close them down.
Pickup after yourself. Do not litter. There is enough out ther already. there is plenty of room in you SUV, pickup or Jeep to pack out what you packed in.
Do not remove or destroy anything you find out there. Leave it for others to enjoy. Remember someone still owns the places you are visiting.

Any comments, critcisms, praise or if you wish to add a trip I can be reached at here A guided trip can be arranged if you so desire. Price depends on the location of the trip.

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