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Tanks Binghampton is located about 5 miles north of Mayer along route 69. It is located on the Mayer topo. map. To get there you do not necessarily need a 4Wheel drive vehicle unless you have to use the alternate rout through the creek to get there. Although it would help to get around the area.

Issac Stoddard worked the area for many years, with the earliest report of activity I could find being 1902. It was taken over from him and a mill was erected on site in 1916 and worked steadly till 1923. There were millions of tons of copper and thousands of ounces of silver taken from the mines during this period. It was worked off and on till the war and was reopened to full production with the help of government money from 1944 - 1947, with over a million lbs of copper being taken from the mine. There have been several attempts to start up production since then, including the dewatering of one of the shafts and drilling exploratory holes in the mid 60's,but nothing has come of them.

Head north on I-17 to route 69 and head west toward Prescott. About 8.2 miles after you cross over the highway you will take a right. This will be onto Central Ave, just after the the smokestack and across from circle K in Mayer. Set trip meter to 0.00 after you cross the cattle guard.

0.1 miles Stay left. machinery
0.6 miles Stay left.
1.4 miles turn left at fork in the road.
4.3 miles Stay left just before droping into the river bed.
N 34* 26' 39.7" W 112* 11' 38.4"
The road goes across the river and straight into Binghampton. Sometimes there is a miner who stores some equipment in the open area. If he is there he will not let you through. If that is the case you will need to take a right down the creek.
5.0 miles Turn Left. Keep an eye out for the road to the left near some big trees.

beyond If you have to take the creek, once out of the creek, the road goes by a block building and set back and to the right some white tailings piles. When that road ends take a right to get to Binghampton.
As you enter Binghampton the road will split. The road going right will take you over to the Copper Queen mine and the chute I have as an image on this page. The one that goes to the left will take you to the mill foundation and a shaft right in front of it. This road will go around the mountain to the main shaft and other shafts and adits. Be carefull approaching the main shaft as there is a bee's nest in it.
You will be able to drive right up to the top of mountain or drive up to the digs you see on the west side of the mountain. On the Copper Queen side, there are some adits along the road if you look closely enough. The road also will take you to the chute. Both upper and lower ends of the chute.

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