Directions to Columbia

Take I-17 north to Carefree Highway. Go west on State Route 74.
Take a right after mile marker 19 onto Castle Hot Springs Road,
3 miles. Turn left. Set your trip meter to 0.00 when the
dirt road starts.

1.2 miles Stay to the right
2.8 miles Turn right. the other road will take you to Castle Hot
   Springs,well worth seeing.
5.4 miles Stay to the left on Cow Creek Rd.
8.6 miles Turn right, cross the creek. Take the road to the left up the hill.
9.5 miles When you reach the top there is a "plywood tepee" off to the right.
  : There is also a road off to the right that will take you down to the
  : creek where there is a homestead. Will need to walk part of the way.
10.9 miles Continue on through the gate
11.4 miles Crossroads, turn right. Left will take you to Humbug N 34* 02' 01" W 112* 19' 08"
11.7 miles Stay to the right
11.9 miles Take a left across from the house
12.2 miles Turn left at the bottom