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head frameGold Bar Mine is the 4th and final stop along constellation rd. There are 3 sections to see. The head frame and the buildings around it. A little farther north is the foundation of the mill and some tanks still standing and a few collapsed ones. Finally you drop into O'brien's wash where there are 3 buildings still standing. The biggest one is 2 stories and use to be the assay office. Where there is a lot of core samples lying around on the floor.

The mine was discovered about 1888 by a James Mahoney who interested a F.X.O'Brien to go in with him who later bought out Mahoney and the mine became know as the O'Brien Mine. Later the property was organized as the Interior Mining and Trust Co. on a much larger scale. They in turn were reorganized as the Gold Bar Mining Co. According to a 1934 report the property has been idle for about 20 years. From what I can gather there has not been a major effort here since then.

Take 1-17 north to Carefree Highway (ST. Route 74). Take a left and follow the road till it ends. Take a right onto Grand Ave (ST.route 93). Turn right on El Recreo rd. which will turn into Constellation rd. Set your trip meter to 0.00 as soon as your turn onto El Recreo rd.

2.2 miles Dirt road begins. Shed
3.1 miles Stay right on Constellation rd.  
7.4 miles Stay left  
8.7 miles Stay straight.Right is Owl Springs Ranch rd.
9.1 Miles King Solomon Wash N 34* 02' 48.2" W 112* 36' 36.8"
9.3 Miles Turn left out of the wash at yellow and white sign, BLM road #2897
10.2 Miles You have reached the saddle
10.5 Miles Right turn. Several mines along the road.
10.6 Miles Turn left. Several building foundations and mines. Former site of the Copper Bell mining camp? N 34* 03" 07" W 112* 35' 53"
0.00 Miles Reset trip meter when you get back on the main road.
0.06 Miles Saddle. Tailings off to left and front.
1.4 Miles Monte Cristo Mine.
0.00 Miles Reset trip meter when back on constellation rd.
0.6 Miles Road turns left down the wash to the 3rd stop. Continue straight.
2.0 Miles First left. Do not take.
2.1 Miles 2nd left. Road goes to the head frame.
2.3 Miles 3rd left. The bottom of the road is washed out.

collapsed buildingThere will be 2 stops here. The first stop will be at the head frame. Besides the head frame there are several buildings still standing. At the 2nd stop there are 2 ways to go here. Up the wash will take you to a big opening in the side of the hill. Walk down the wash to get to the mill foundation and the tanks.

After you are finished visiting these areas continue along the road for a short distance to drop into O'Brien's wash and to the right you will see several buildings, one being the old assay office. You can go left down the wash to reach the Hassayampa river. But you will have to get permission to go through the Williams ranch.

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