Humbug and Tule Creek directions

Take I-17 north to Carefree Highway. Go west on State Route 74. Take a right after mile marker 19 onto Castle Hot Springs Road into Lake Pleasant regional Park. The road will intersect about 3 miles. Turn left. Set your trip meter to 0.00 when the dirt road starts.

2.2 miles Bridge over Castle creek
2.8 miles Turn right, the road straight will take you to Castle Hot Springs resort, well worth seeing.
5.4 miles Right turn.
5.8 miles Left turn. N 33* 58' 11.0" W 112* 16' 32.6" Stay to the right at any forks or left turns.
6.6 miles Stay to the right. Left will take you to Humbug creek but you can no longer get across. Check out the dam downstream a bit if you go this way.
7.8 miles Humbug creek. Use road to the right and turn left and drive up creek.
8.0 miles Cross Humbug creek
8.2 miles Stay right and keep staying right until you come to a good size road coming in from the right.
10.3 miles Road coming in from the right. I will call this Humbug creek rd. Turn left. N 33* 59" 39.5" W 112* 16' 53.7"
Humbug Creek Tule Creek
10.5 miles Reset trip meter to 0.00 continue straight 10.5 miles Turn right
0.1 miles Stay right 11.6 miles cross Tule creek
0.6 miles Stay right 11.8 miles Turn left, go through gate.
0.7 miles Right will take you to West side of Tule creek. 12.2 miles Tule Riprian Area N 34* 00' 18.2"
W 112* 16' 16.6"
1.2 miles Turn left N 34* 00' 33.1" W 112* 17' 21.4" Return to Humbug creek rd.(10.5 miles). Take a right and reset your trip meter to 0.00 to continue to Humbug creek.
1.4 miles Turn right follow road down to creek. Cross the creek and turn up creek
1.9 miles Hidden road on the right and just up creek a road on the left. Take the left.
2.1 miles Back in the creek. Drive up creek and turn right when you see an abandonded truck. N 34* 00'
53.0" W 112* 17' 47.0"