Monarch Wash Directions

Take 1-17 north to Carefree Highway (ST. Route 74). Take a left and follow the road for about 30 miles. About .8tenths of a mile past mile marker 2 turn right onto Castle Hot Springs Rd. Cross over the cattle guard and set your trip meter to 0.00.

2.5 miles Turn Left
5.9 miles Drop into San Domingo Wash N 33* 55' 95" W 112* 36' 70"and take The road across the wash.
6.1 miles Stay Left
6.5 miles Drop into wash, go right or up the wash
6.8 miles Turn Left out of the wash
9.0 miles Come to a wash with a tree on the left in the middle of the wash. N 33* 57' 99" w 112* 37" 19" continue straignt
11.1 miles Turn right, almost a u-turn.
12.1 miles Windmill on the right.
13.0 miles Drop into wash, turn left.
14.0 miles Road on the right, stay in wash, will take that road on the way back.
14.1 miles Mill foundation on the left. N 33* 59" 96" W 112* 36" 19"

To the next area

.2 miles Turn Left
.3 miles The road on the left will take you up on to a ridge
1.1 miles Turn Left
1.2miles Continue across the wash.
1.3 miles Road on the right will take you back to San Domingo Wash. But there is one bad section requiring a lifted vehicle.
1.6 miles Foundation and shaft on the left. Look for the hidden tunnel on the right.
N 33* 59" 15" W 112* 35' 70"

As you continue up the road there will be more mines and digs.
You can also drive up the wash below the foundation at mile 1.2.
You can go back the way you came.
Or you can take the right at mile 1.3.
Also you can take the wash south by going straigh at mile 1.1. This is the wash with the tree in the middle at mile 9.0