Northwest of Cleator Directions

Take I-17 north to exit 259 Bloody Basin Rd. Turn left and go under I-17 towards Cleator and Crown King.
Set your trip meter to 0.00 when the road turns to dirt.
3.2 miles Cordes, turn left
6.1 miles Stay to the right.
7.1 miles Take a right. Left will take you to Bumblebee
8.0 miles Stay to the left.
8.8 miles Golden Bell mine on the left. Well worth your time to stop and check this place out.
There is still a standing house in good condition.
0.0 miles Reset trip meter to 0.0 in front of the store.
1.2 miles Turn right onto forest Service road 259B.
1.6 miles Go through the gate. Either straight or left will take you to the same place.
Find the road going up the hill to the west and follow it.
2.9 miles Gate. Close it behind you.
4.7 miles Big rusted tank on the left.
4.9 miles Remains of processing area on the left.
5.1 miles Desoto Mine. N 34* 17' 7.3" W 112* 17' 8.6"

There is a road to the left of the mine that will take you to the upper mines. Take the left fork when you get to the first level area to get to the top. The right fork will take you behind the mountain. This road will eventually take you the back way to the Peck mine and the Swastika mine and eventually back to the road that leads up to Crown King.