Dirctions to Gillete and Tip Top

North on I-17. Exit at Table Mesa Rd. Take a left over the freeway.
Turn right(north) on frontage Rd.. Set trip meter to 0.00 when the road
turns to dirt.

1.1 miles stay right
1.8 miles stay right
3.9 miles Agua Fria River, continue arcoss.
4.0 miles Take a right turn.
4.1 miles take right into Gillette.
4.3 miles Gillette N 34* 01' 07.5" W 112* 09' 49.3"

Take the same road out you came in on and turn right. When you get back
to the road you turned off of reset your trip meter to 0.00. 0.9 miles
up the road there is a wash on the right where you can put your vehicle
to a test of extreme 4wheeling.

0.9 miles wash to right
2.6 miles take a left at the corral N 34* 02' 05.1" W 112* 11' 36.6"
4.2 miles rest area great views to the east
5.3 miles Cross Cottonwood Creek. N 34* 01' 39.6" W 112*13'37.4"
7.6 miles collapsed building on the right
7.7 Brewery on the left N 34* 03' 3.2" W 112* 14' 49.7"