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shack Tule creek is located north of Lake Pleasant and southeast of Columbia and Humbug. On the Columbia topo map it is in T8N R1E, section 29, SW quadrant. Use map datum WGS84 on your GPS receiver.

This trip should be combined with the Humbug creek trip. You have to use the same roads to get to each place for most of the trip.

Take I-17 north to Carefree Highway. Go west on State Route 74. Take a right after mile marker 19 onto Castle Hot Springs Road into Lake Pleasant regional Park. The road will intersect about 3 miles. Turn left. Set your trip meter to 0.00 when the dirt road starts.

2.2 miles Bridge over Castle creek
2.8 miles Turn right, the road straight will take you to Castle Hot Springs resort, well worth seeing.
5.4 miles Right turn.
5.8 miles Left turn. N 33* 58' 11.0" W 112* 16' 32.6" Stay to the right at any forks or left turns.
6.6 miles Stay to the right. Left will take you to Humbug creek but you can no longer get across. Check out the dam downstream a bit if you go this way.
7.8 miles Humbug creek. Use road to the right and turn left and drive up creek.
8.0 miles Cross Humbug creek
8.2 miles Stay right and keep staying right until you come to a good size road coming in from the right.
10.3 miles Road coming in from the right. I will call this Humbug creek rd. Turn left. N 33* 59" 39.5" W 112* 16' 53.7
10.5 miles Turn right. Straight will take you to the humbug creek trail.
11.6 miles Cross Tule creek TuleCreek
11.8 miles Turn left and go through the gate.  
12.2 miles Tule Creek Riparian Area.
N 34* 00' 18.2" W 112* 16' 16.6"

Grave You have reached the Tule Creek Riparian Area. An amazing area for the desert. Fish and Game has fenced this area off with good reason. So you will have to walk from here. There are several buildings, a mill foundation(?) off to the right and some diggings in the area. the most distinguishing feature is the creek it self and the vegatation within it.

On the other side of the fence is a road going up the hill. That road continues up the creek. You can walk up the creek but it does cross the creek several times and it is difficult to get through the vegetation since it goes way back up the creek. I finally gave up about a 1/2 mile up the creek. You will also see a road coming in from the west on the other side of the creek. This road can be reached by the way of the Humbug creek road but that road is also fenced off.

As you walk toward the shack check out the grave of the miners dog on the left under a tree before you get to the shack.

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